A Fresh New Look

I’ve decided to switch to WordPress and use it as the CMS platform to manage the website. By doing this, I can leverage the CMS to maintain and update the website, giving me more time to focus on the development of Pinkie itself.

The primary reason for this decision basically boils down to time & resource management. For the last six months or so, I’ve been pretty busy and haven’t been able to keep up with all the work that I have in the pipeline for Pinkie. As the result of that, Pinkie’s v2.15 was delayed about 4-5 months.

Hopefully, going forward I can devote more time to develop Pinkie and add more functionality to it.

What do you think of the new website?

Best Regards,
Brian Dao

Download Pinkie v2.15

Pinkie v2.15 is the current release as of May 2012. The older versions are no longer supported and have been removed.

v2.15 is available in both 32 and 64 bit. Please select the appropriate version for your operating system.

Pinkie v2.15

Pinkie has been through over three years of continuous development and improvements. The current version is v2.15. This is the latest and greatest as of May 2012. Below are the changes/bug fixes that have been implemented in this version.

  • Added IPv6 support for Ping, DNS, Traceroute, Subnet Calculator & PortScanner
  • Added Bulk DNS lookup
  • Added input validation for IPv4 & IPv6
  • Added option to use Enter key as new line
  • Added option to edit host list
  • Added option to exclude primary hosts
  • Added option to keep main window on top of other screens
  • Added feedback option
  • Added View menu
  • Added delimiters (comma, semi-colon, space, pipe) for new hosts
  • Added input validation for various input controls
  • Added option to show last notification
  • Added keyboard shortcuts
  • Added Tell a Friend feature
  • Added Comment feature
  • Added link to report bug
  • Added link to request feature
  • Added application icons
  • Fixed keyboard bugs for input fields (up, down, left, right, backspace, delete….)
  • Fixed screen flickering on Ping tab
  • Fixed bug in portscanner when using range of ports
  • Fixed bug in pingsweep where resolving/responding host count doesn’t reset
  • Fixed column formatting when export for pingsweep
  • Fixed split distance when restore to default size (F12)
  • Fixed program still runs in the background if it is closed by user X it out
  • Fixed IPv6 logging issues
  • Fixed dropdown boxes
  • Updated software registration/action process
  • Updated system notification protocol & UI
  • Updated application logo

Pinkie v1.85

Pinkie v1.85 was the next major and stable release. It didn’t get another update for about a year and a half later.

  • Added keyboard shortcuts
  • Added support for 64 bit computers
  • Added implementation of RFC 1350 (TFTP Protocol)
  • Added implementation of RFC 1783 (Block Size Negotiation)
  • Added implementation of RFC 1784 (Timeout & Transfer Size Negotiations)
  • Added logging options to include timestamp, packet sequence number and file extention
  • Added icon to indicate host being pinged
  • Added Labels to hostnames
  • Added /notation to subnet mask
  • Added ability to copy PingSweep result to clipboard
  • Added label to show default ports for PortScanner
  • Updated various default setting values and validations
  • Bug fixes for DNS results copy to clipboard
  • Bug fixes for logging ping & trace results to disk
  • Miscellaneous UI bug fixes