Pinkie v1.85

Pinkie v1.85 was the next major and stable release. It didn’t get another update for about a year and a half later.

  • Added keyboard shortcuts
  • Added support for 64 bit computers
  • Added implementation of RFC 1350 (TFTP Protocol)
  • Added implementation of RFC 1783 (Block Size Negotiation)
  • Added implementation of RFC 1784 (Timeout & Transfer Size Negotiations)
  • Added logging options to include timestamp, packet sequence number and file extention
  • Added icon to indicate host being pinged
  • Added Labels to hostnames
  • Added /notation to subnet mask
  • Added ability to copy PingSweep result to clipboard
  • Added label to show default ports for PortScanner
  • Updated various default setting values and validations
  • Bug fixes for DNS results copy to clipboard
  • Bug fixes for logging ping & trace results to disk
  • Miscellaneous UI bug fixes

Pinkie v1.25

Pinkie v1.17 was followed by v1.25 a short few weeks later.

  • Miscellaneous UI fixes
  • Bug fix for Ping when Stop All Hosts is clicked
  • Bug fixes for PingSweep
  • Bug fixes for DNS lookup when addresses are not resolved & hosts are deleted
  • Copy IP address when it is clicked on in PingSweep tab
  • Optimized PingSweep procedures
  • Encrypted application settings

Pinkie v1.17

This was Pinkie’s second public release. Introducing the PortScanner for the first time.

  • Bug fixes for PingSweep and Subnet Calculator UI
  • Bug fixes for status bar
  • Bug fix for PingSweep threading
  • Bug fix for copy ping stats to clipboard
  • Migrated application settings to XML file
  • Added saved settings for Traceroute, Subnet Calculator, PingSweep and PortScanner
  • Added option to show/hide binary information for Subnet Calculator
  • Added option to copy host name when its clicked on in the treeview
  • Added option to configure maximum trace hops
  • Added PortScanner

Pinkie v1.08

This was the first public release for Pinkie:

  • Bug fixes for ping & traceroute
  • Bug fix for reverse DNS lookup
  • Added option start/stop pinging all hosts
  • Added ability to copy to clipboard for ping, traceroute & DNS
  • Added logging option for ping
  • Added logging option for traceroute
  • Added menu bar
  • Added status bar
  • Added features to save & restore window size, location & other options
  • Added Subnet Calculator
  • Added Ping Sweep