Subnet Calculator

Subnet Calculator is compatible with IPv4 & IPv6.

There are a lot of subnet calculators out there. What makes Pinkie’s SubnetCalc unique is its level of details and the amount of information you get back as well as the flexibility to customize the way information is displayed to you.

First and foremost, Pinkie’s SubnetCalc is the first subnet calculator to capture both IPv4 & IPv6 details and present it to you on a well designed screen.

Once again, Pinkie is smart enough to figure out whether it’s dealing with IPv4 or IPv6 and display the appropriate information. Whether you want to find the Network ID, Broadcast ID, Wildcard Mask, address range or block size, Pinkie will calculate that and display them all to you.

If you want to learn more about IPv6, Pinkie is a must have tools. Besides the subnet calculator, Pinkie also gives you the ability to learn more about the address type you are dealing with. When you enter an ip address, Pinkie will analyze it, then activate the Tell Me More button whose role is to get you more information about the address in question.

One of the most confusing aspect of an IPv6 address is all the variants of the same IP address. When you enter an IP address, Pinkie’s SubnetCalc will display all the variants to you; whether it be a shorten address (compressed), expanded or in alternative format.

Oh, have I mentioned that the SubnetCalc is intelligent enough to figure out any type of address you throw at it and in whatever format you might use (be it IPv4, IPv6, anycast, unicast, teredo, IPv4 compatible, IPv4 mapped, compressed or not…)

Intrigured? Download Pinkie and try it out.


  1. RomelSan says:

    Release the source code, or update the app… Because it is searching another user called (Brian).
    You hardcoded your username.

  2. Iuzzolin says:

    Dear Brian,
    On May 2, 2014, someone wrote you, “Because it is searching another user called (Brian).
    You hardcoded your username.” This is Sept 20th and it’s still there. The log file path is set as
    Also coppied (3 times) should be copied.

  3. Brian Dao says:

    This is a known bug. When I recompiled the program to release it in 64 bit (I think) I forgot to reset the config file and my version of the config was included in the setup.

    Press F5 to bring up the Settings Menu then go to Misc tab and change the Logging folder there. That should fix it.

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