Perform Bulk DNS with input from from a textbox or a text file.

Introduced for the first time in Pinkie version 2.15 is a brand new feature called Bulk DNS.

It is sort of Ping, DNS and PingSweep functions combined together in a single intuitive user interface. And it was done so cleverly to solve certain issues in an enterprise environment.

Pinkie’s Bulk DNS function can take a list of host addresses from a textbox or from a text file as its input source, does DNS lookup, reports back the host status. The results can be copied afterward with ease like all the other functions in Pinkie.

The nice thing about it is you have the flexibility to arrange the output in various formats and only include the data that you need.

Bulk DNS is fast, simple, and efficient. If you ever need to do a bulk DNS lookup, Pinkie is the right tool for the job.

Download Pinkie and check out the Bulk DNS function for yourself.

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