Scan a pre-defined port list or on an ad hoc basis.

PortScanner is an indispensible tool in any Network Adminstrator’s toolkit; even though, most of the time it is just used to prove that there isn’t a network issue.

It also comes in handy for software developers who deal with TCP/IP prograMming.

As a network troubleshooting toolkit, Pinkie must absolutely have a port scanner built in. And it does so again with the One window, One App design.

Its ease of use and an intuitive user interface help keep the port scanner function simple. You can quickly scan a pre-defined list of ports or scan an ad hoc port list on the same user interface without having to switch to the settings menu.

Download Pinkie and try it today.


  1. jason says:

    It would be nice if you could hide the “Closed” ports in the PortScanner…or sort the table by Status. When scanning a large range, it’s hard to find the “Open” ports in the list view.

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