Pinkie - Network Tools

Pinkie is a suite of network troubleshooting utilities packaged in an intuitive, easy to use user interface.  It can continuously ping multiple hosts at the same time, perform forward & reverse DNS lookups as well as traceroute automatically.  Results can be logged to disk or coppied to the clipboard with a click of a button.  Traceroute can be coppied as a whole or per hop basis.  Last hop can be identified and coppied with a simple right click.  With Subnet Calculator, network information can be calculated and verified easily.  Ping Sweep can scan the entire subnet for live hosts while Port Scanner can assist one to identifying which port is open and which is not.  TFTP server has been added to this new version which also supports RFC 1783 & 1784; allowing it to support large file transfers.

Version 1.85 adds several new features and enhancements as well as bug fixes over the last version.  Pretty much every aspect of the program has had some modificationS.  I'll continue to make an effort to enhance Pinkie as time permit.  If you have any comments/suggestions on how we can make Pinkie a better product, please send your them to

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In order to track and manage the feature requests enhancements as well as bug reports for Pinkie, I've just created the forums for Pinkie.  Here's the link to the forums